Helpful Information in the Corona-Crisis for Refugees in Bayern

(Date: 24.03.2020)

Foreigners‘ Offices

Public offices in many towns and rural districts are either closed or partially open. If you have an appointment or urgent matters, get prior information from the public office. For example by telephone or by checking the website. What should I do if documents expire e.g. the “Duldung”, “Aufenthaltsgestattung” or work permit? Some Foreigners’ Offices send new documents by post on their own accord, some do not. In many regions, the Police have been informed that your papers are could be expired and that no complaints should be filed. If you want to be sure, write a letter to the public office. Ask them for a confirmation stating that your papers are still valid until you can get an appointment. Drop the letter in the letterbox of the public office. You can find a sample copy here >>>

Decisions of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees

If the decision is negative, you can appeal against it. The legal application units in the administrative courts are closed to some extent. Please contact your lawyer and/or the responsible counselling centres by Email or on telephone. You can also contact the Bavarian Refugee Council.

It is also possible for you to appeal against the (negative) asylum decision yourself. For this, you can find a sample here >>>. The written appeal should get to the responsible administrative court by the date that is written at the end of the letter (deadline for legal action).

Benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Law

Payments of social welfare benefits ought to be guaranteed as usual. Should this not be the case, please contact the responsible social welfare office. You can also contact the Bavarian Refugee Council in this case.

Deportations and Detention Pending Deportation

According to BAMF on 20th March 2020 all Dublin-Transfers were suspended until further notice. However, the transfer deadline has only been interrupted – we have to wait and see how it goes on from here. There is information from the Ministry of the Interior that individual and collective deportations may take place again from 30.05. onwards. Whether deportation is possible depends on existing flight connections and entry/quarantine restrictions. If you are afraid that you might be affected, please contact advice centres, legal representation or the Bavarian Refugee Council.

Current Information and Tips on Corona

You can find daily updated information on Corona Virus in German, English, Persian, French and Pashtu here: There are also further multilingual information here:

There is a general curfew in Bavaria since 20.03.2020. This means that contact with other people – apart from those who live in the same household – should be reduced to the barest minimum. Here is current information for people in Bavaria in several


What to do upon suspicion of Corona

If you think that you or other people may be infected with the Corona virus, please call your doctor or the health department of your town. You could also call the medical emergency service on 116 117.

Ask for a test. You can be tested free of charge if you have had contact with someone who is infected with the Corona virus or were in a risk area. The current risk areas are updated daily here:

Living in Camps for Refugees

Living with many other people in confined spaces is basically not easy. It is even more difficult in case of a pandemic and high risks of infection. The Bavarian Interior Ministry is trying to equalise the occupancy rates. Persons, who could possibly be infected, should be relocated and medically supervised. Particularly vulnerable persons e.g. elderly people or people with pre-existing medical conditions could be relocated. In such cases, please speak with the camp administration or the social welfare office. Caution: many social services are only reachable by telephone. In camps with canteen provisions, the meal times should be extended – so that everyone should not have to eat at the same time. Taking food to their own rooms, should also be allowed. If this is not possible at your camp, speak with the camp administration. You can also contact the Bavarian Refugee Council.

Home Quarantine

If you or a family member is infected with the Corona virus, you and your family will be placed under quarantine. This means that you may not leave your apartment for at least 14 days. This is a very difficult situation particularly when children are involved. It is important that you stay calm and stay in contact with family and friends by telephone.

If someone else in the camp is infected, it is possible that the whole camp or part of it will be placed under quarantine. Along with other occupants, you can consider which demands you can make to the camp administration in this case. For example, you can ask for free WLAN access in the camp. You could also talk with the camp administration on how the food supply should be in case there is need for quarantine. If you have questions, you can contact Bavarian Refugee Council.

Medical Care

Persons who receive benefits under the asylum seekers benefits law and need a treatment paper from the social welfare office, still need such a treatment paper. This should normally be requested for by telephone from the social welfare office. In cases of emergency, medical assistance can of course be received even without a treatment paper. Health centres would be provided in ANKER-Centres.

Illegalised Persons

The situation can be even more difficult and precarious for people who do not have any papers. For questions, please contact counselling centers you trust. In this case, the Bavarian Refugee Council is also available confidentially and anonymous.

Contacts of the Bavarian Refugee Council

München: Tel: 089 - 76 22 34, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 14.00 - 16.00 hrs, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10.00 - 12.00 hrs.

Nürnberg: 0911 - 99 44 59 46, Tuesday and Thursday: 10.00 - 12.00 hrs und 13.00 hrs - 15.00 hrs.


WhatsApp: +49 159 03779566

Further Contacts

Information telephone of the international wave in arabic: 01749522781, 017674716455, 01629216129

Information from the Bavarian Ministries

Answers to many questions as well as daily newsletters from the Bavarian Ministries on Corona can be found on the homepage of the Bavarian Interior Ministry at:

Answers to health related questions and questions on prevention can be found on the homepage of the Bavarian Health Ministry: